Why English

It happens that English is a must for everyone in the art field and to strengthen this affirmation, I will reference here a relevant work by Croatian artist Mladen Stilinovic - "An Artist who Cannot Speak English is no Artist" (1992). The work has been also displayed in Iasi, in 2008, at the 8th edition of Periferic Biennial for Contemporary Art, Art as Gift. As it once addressed an obvious consequence of Eastern European communicational barriers in the early '90s, this textual work still has a huge relevance in today's context, when globalisation and cultural exchange try to leverage any linguistic gaps in the arts. But at the same time, we find ourselves, as students, artists, educators, curators and people working in the arts, trapped in the delusion of international art.

“An Artist who Cannot Speak English is no Artist”, 1992 by Mladen Stilinović  

Embrace English cautiously.

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