AFTER SCHOOL meeting at the Faculty of Visual Arts and Design in Iași, Romania

AFTER SCHOOL launched its second edition last week, marking a new season of learning after classes and questioning the art education processes. The topic of our first meeting was LAZINESS. We discussed two texts: Kazimir Malevich with "Laziness as the Truth of Mankind" (1921) and Mladen Stilinovic with "The Praise of Laziness" (1998), and watched some video works by Azorro Group. You can find all the material (printed texts) at our school's library in the AFTER SCHOOL box.

Our meeting topics are chosen one at a time in accordance to the events and urgent subjects that arise through discussions. Every student at the Faculty of Visual Arts and Design in Iași is welcome, no application and preparation needed.

We meet every Monday at 4:00pm in the building of the faculty.

Citește în limba română aici.

AFTER SCHOOL is a learning program designed for the Visual Arts and Design students in Iași. Structured as a series of interactive activities, AFTER SCHOOL aims at producing possibilities for learning that would work on two levels, both individually and collectively, contributing towards building or recovering the community of students and towards mobilizing their interaction based on their personal directions and study interests. The program proposes the exploration of themes that are only accidentally found in the curricula of art schools in Romania, through exercises of team work, debates, screenings and analyzes of contemporary texts or artistic practices, in the form of a free class. Seen as a whole, the role of the program is to constitute an access path between the limitative academic environment and the alert rhythm of everyday life, by searching, through self-organization, to institute an active identity of the art student.

The program was initiated in 2011 by In 2013 a second edition is taking place from March to May and it is open for all students who are interested in participating at the meetings.

AFTER SCHOOL takes place once a week in the building of the Faculty of Visual Arts and Design Iași.

To see images from the events, take a look at theartstudent's Facebook page.

program coordinator: Luminița Apostu
volunteers: Alexandra Budianu, Ionuț Toma

A project supported by Iași




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