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This is an OPEN CALL for all art students who want to receive feedback for their projects and ideas.

Theartstudent.org wants to create space for a discussion about what today's art students actually do in their art schools, why they do it, how they do it and for whom they do it. So please share this announcement to all the art students that you know.

There is a common understanding that art students are delicately positioned in a system that does not produce, does not train and does not actually matter for society, since it does not produce a clearly measurable outcome and workforce like most other schools.

In British art schools there's a rumor that "those who finish art school and are not exhibited in a gallery within 6 months from graduation are failed students/artists." At the same time, Robert Storr was saying that

"geniuses do not go to art schools; students who go to art schools are not geniuses."

I strongly believe that supporting art students does not mean training them to fit a certain educational system or teaching them how to better enter the art market or the creative work force market. It also does not mean making them rebel fighters against political contexts and university staff to which they don't agree. Maybe there is more to being an art student than just fancying about a hipster outlook in a deliberately chosen isolation mode, which is the art school, the safest place where you can skip serious matters of life and doodle your crazy ideas about the world. Maybe there is something more than the fascination for pushing the limits of creativity that most students feel doing.

This is why it is time that theartstudent.org should begin to actually focus on student work. We want to present projects that we find relevant for tracking those positive outcomes of today's art schools and art students. If you've been in an art school, you know that feedback is superficially treated by most teachers. An art school is not the place to be granted grades (even though it has to grant them) and your evolution as a student does not stay in the same evaluation hierarchy as that of science students for example. Your development and the projects you do as a student have a different value for the world. But you need to understand that value and find the proper hierarchy to fit in.

If you have a bachelor or dissertation project that you wish to share with our readers and receive a different kind of feedback than that of teaching staff, please send it in. To make this inquiry more pleasant, please limit your project to a presentation of no more than 500 words and 5 jpeg images (<1Mb each). Send your project at contact@theartstudent.org and we'll get back to you with our feedback. If the project rocks, we'll post it on the blog together with our feedback. It doesn't matter if the project was done for a term assignment, if it won prizes or if it was exhibited already. Just share it with us.

Please share this announcement to all the art students that you know and let's find out what today's art students actually do.

Who: Any past, current or future art student from all over the world can send a project.
What:  A document (doc, pdf) with the description of the project and 5 jpeg images (<1MB each).
When: There is no deadline.
Where: at contact@theartstudent.org


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