AFTER SCHOOL is invited by AAA+ Collective to take part in the EDUcratia: Nonformal Education debate

In December 2011 the AFTER SCHOOL programme is presented at Center for Visual Introspection in Bucharest in the frame of EDUcratia debate organized by AAA+ Collective.

text by AAA+ Collective:
Educracy/Educratia is a research platform focused on the art education system. It comprises a documentary film containing interviews with students, former students and professors at the National University of Arts in Bucharest, as well as a series of lectures and debates.

In light of recent social movements, the role of Educracy is to map out a status quo, emphasizing the issue of responsibility. Taking as a starting point the ambivalent relationship between education and power, implied in the project’s title, it aims at identifying both challenges and solutions through this frame for dialogue.

Educracy is a project devised by the curatorial collective AAA+ (Carla Albert, Dan Angelescu, Simina Neagu, Ioana Stan) based in Bucharest and London.


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