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This blog is and was a tribute to graduation impossibility. Like DeLillo's characters fear death in his book "White Noise", I am at the verge of finally ending something that defined my existence throughout a quarter of my life: studentship. And my fear is: graduation.

Being a student has been a comfortable outfit for the last years, but now I'm celebrating over a year of idleness within this not yet ended situation of studentship.

Why graduate? As I've been previously posting on this blog, art studentship is just a phase of crisis, a détournement, away from the commonly accepted and classically practiced life styles.

I do not wish to graduate, so I do not wish to put an end. Is this the actual contract I've been blindly signing for over 5 years? Why wanting to change from "undergraduate" to "postgraduate"? Is that because "graduate" alone seems not self-sufficient?

Things must move on then, so either I graduate or not in a few months, the studentship continues. This is why I'll be soon closing this blog, and start something to better position my on-going debatable status: The Art Student.


  1. can you ever graduate from art/making art? I say never! I think undergraduate/postgraduate or simply graduate it`s just a period, once this period reached it`s end, you are on your own and you must start searching or enlarge your knowledge by yourself. Be creative and rename the next period into something challenging, close enough to the "studentship" concept.



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