Post posting and the aesthetics of online behavior

Online addiction stopped scarring me that much at this point. But there's a realm one cannot ignore. What I seemingly find at ease is just adopting the imminent need of ultimately accepting and merging within this societal behavior. Indeed, the official 'representational' cause that Baudrillard identified for this contemporary discourse reaches at hand an allusive explanation and succeeds in superficially clarifying the common and unanimous concept of online dependency. I do not attempt a pathological approach on this matter, rather I tend to think of online-ness as the addiction that resurrects your every day life and gives it a relevant value, that perfectly fits along the postmodern existential criteria of the USER. As seen throughout the development of Internet, and the status shift that re-defined the individual from 'consumer' to 'user,' being online is no longer an option, but a primary need. Of course, there's the self aware addiction and the uncontrolled one, but since your vision and knowledge expands to unlimited access points, at the same time it narrows to the inches of your display monitor, and that becomes the only relevant window to the world.

Doh, crappy post! That's why it's a post post. And its aesthetics is shitty. :D


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