Chasing Galleries in London

[May not be the best idea for an art student]

Apart from being an exciting quest of finding specific locations on printed google maps, the journey brings to you the complete experience of a tourist. Same employees in each gallery, same walls, same fonts on the press releases, same projectors, same sound systems, same timetable. I managed to see only 6 from a list of 22 selected galleries that I had planned to see in one single day. What have I missed? What have I seen?

I have collected 0.4 kg of recycling paper.
Is there any clear position that an art student should take towards an art gallery? Is the fact that I've seen Mario Garcia Torres right after Jorge Pardo of any relevance at all?

Considering accessibility in the frames of art platforms, who's the one that gets accessed and who's the one that lowers his standards? Am I, as an art student, the one that lowers the standards and goes to any art gallery just because it is an art gallery and I'm just passing by and it is for my own benefit to see as much examples of art as possible, be it relevant or irrelevant? Or is the gallery the one that gains attention by becoming accessible to 10 more art students, different than me, just by lowering its standards? Yet, the gallery is a well structured organism that manages to comply with high and low level offers and demands of an audience. And maybe 'standard' is not the most appropriate unit for measuring accessibility, but still, the existence of a mutual relation between these two is clear.


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