Art Studentship in Crisis

Under pretentious denominations you start building yourself a hierarchy of aspirations that are more unstable and more compromising than you could ever think. Going further with your documentation, importing and plagiarizing inspiration, improving your social behavior skills in intelligent pub discussions contributes to what I call student evolutionary fatality. Art studentship is an aura of an elitist practice that tries to re-enforce the basic social incapacities and the lack of community integration abilities of a young person. By not fitting in a classical category of social everyday activity and by not being integrated by default in a typical membership status, you find uniqueness and celebration of thoughts as a means of doing a relevant activity. You construct membership, you fool yourself by appropriating the imaginary structure of an imaginary organization, you establish key words, key names and key questions which guide you through your hypothetical practice. You construct reasons of coherence, you develop strategies of navigating along this extraordinary and tremendous cultural field that has so much to offer and yet very few to clarify. You develop self-awareness and self-apprenticeship and as far as an institution can transcribe itself through the language of a corporatist ensemble, you start being part of an undeniable process of prostitution.

What is the purpose of an art school in the terms of corporatist practices and cultural industries and media consumption ideology? What is the purpose of me asking this and why refer to such concepts? How should I deal with graduating an art school that throws me into this critical crisis awareness?

The easiness of adopting cultural trends, the pleasure of defining and criticizing openness, participation, collaboration or authorship as mediators for your limited artistic and aesthetic purposes of 'exploring human boundaries' is what you actually produce. It is a platform for art related activities within which you emerge and in which you progressively cultivate accessibility. Which I find as the scariest promoter of crisis in art studentship.


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