taking position at the Table Talking?

TABLE TALK, galeria apARTe, Iasi, februarie 2008

press release

TABLE TALK describes the counter-scenario of an intellectual discourse regarding art education. An archive of interviews, video recordings and speeches from conferences simulates an alternative place for discussion, in which philosophers and art theorists overlap their ideas onto a polyphonic narration. Proposing a creative type of participation, the table talk requests the personal intervention of the audience into this form of discourse, with the purpose of inserting notes and artistic interventions for the editing of a collective art manual.

My position in this project is not questionable. I am aware of the incoming results. I am aware of the other existent positions. Sometimes people are simply unpositionable. Well, this time, the unpositionable ain't me! And I'm pleased. At least for this position. Positioning oneself in the right spot at the right place in front of the right audience is not always the best thing to do, though it may be the only one possible.

Is it compulsory to take position in this spot, in this place, in front of this audience? What do you say, Carrie?

I think I'd rather be a microphone. That would be a secure position!

But still, a project is still a project and it should be treated like one.


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