Current practices - December clicking / linking

While losing myself between wiki, ubu and tate tabs, I try to imagine a set of rules that I could actually follow in order to practice a more efficient navigation. It's been like 3 days already since I started searching information about Lyotard. It was the only subject I was interested in at the moment. But I soon started to get further and further, and as I reached to postmodernism and continental philosophy I got stuck. Why is there so much different information displayed on a single page? I'm seriously thinking about the possibility of an ethical code regarding internet surfing and there's one simple question running through my head: how can I control my eyes and my right hand so that I don't click every link that catches my attention? Why can't I simply finish reading the main subject and then go next? Is there any chance that I could actually perform an intelligent and self-controlled navigation process? Click me! click me! See this for yourself!


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